Gerardo Beneyton
President of Caseus Montanus

It is a very moving experience, welcoming so many people to these Mountain Cheese Olympics. They first began in 2002 and very few people would have bet so much as a few pence on their future.

At the outset, relying on the help of many friends, but mostly due to the devotion shown by craftsmen to their mountain cheeses, these Olympics are now being held for the sixth time. Year after year, time after time, this event has confirmed its place at an international level thanks to the different national organising committees who have welcomed the event to their homes.

The cheeses that will turn this glorious Swiss region into the worldwide cheese making capital will be arriving in Saignelégier from the four corners of the Earth, reunited for an extraordinary international challenge under the banner of taste, not forgetting tradition and culture. The cheeses from these mountainous lands are up for the challenge.

If we act together, we can overcome the challenge that we face at this time of world crisis, to get involved in promoting these mountain region economies on the international market; to safeguard and increase the standing of this environment, these people and these products, of these regions where man needs to be present, but where there are difficulties never faced by lowland economies.

6th Mountain Cheese Olympics 2009
Mountain Cheese Olympics
Swiss Confederation - Federal Office for Agriculture FOAG
FROMARTE – the Swiss Cheese Specialists
Tête de Moine
Republic and Canton of Jura
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