A tribute to the cheesemakers!

René Kolly
President of Fromarte

The Mountain Cheese Olympics are back in Switzerland. FROMARTE, the Swiss Specialist Cheesemakers, in cooperation with the Tête de Moine trade association, Caseus Montanus and other regional and trade partners are delighted to welcome all our guests from far and wide to the beautiful Jura mountain region between Saignelégier, Tramelan and Bellelay.

A land of mountains, pastures and forests and home to the famous Tête de Moine AOC cheese, this is a living example of a region united behind its famous regional product, the pride of the farmers, the cheesemakers and indeed the whole population of the Jura region.

This festival, the Olympics, the competition and the market all remind us of the importance of the quality of mountain cheese production.

Those who create our finest mountain cheeses really do deserve a medal. The culture of cheesemaking is a universal heritage which reveals great new artists at every turn. We invite everyone – farmers, cheesemakers, shopkeepers and consumers, the general public and regional representatives to come and celebrate mountain cheeses together.

Come and discover the true values of our cheesemaking heritage through the expertise of those whose talent enriches the culture.

A big thank you to all our partners.

6th Mountain Cheese Olympics 2009
Mountain Cheese Olympics
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FROMARTE – the Swiss Cheese Specialists
Tête de Moine
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